Kalima Systems

Kalima Systems


With Kalima Systems, optimize your workflow and your process.

Kalima Systems allows :
- Checking on your delivery status from your mobile or tablet
- Integrating your merchant web site with your ERP system
- Sending information to your reporting tools, your statistics tools, your CRM, your helpdesk...

The heart of Kalima Systems solution is a software framework introducing into your existing infrastructure controllers that will allow your systems to interact with connected objects.


They manage interactivity in your system. They route and persist data. It includes a fail-over and security mechanism ensuring data integrity and availability.


They publish data collected from facilities or operators.


They ensure integration with your existing systems.


They respond to received data by displaying it, printing it or transforming it.

Kalima Home Family Link

With Kalima Home Family Link, locate instantly everybody in your private circle on a map and interact with your connected objects.

Want to know where is Mary without calling her every 5 minutes ? Where did I park my car ? Why your home alarm system went off ? How to control your thermostat when leaving home ? How to automatically trigger the gate opening when you arrive at home ? How to alert my family that I need urgent help ?

Kalima Systems allows all that and more.

The heart of our solution is the home controller allowing to centralize control of the different systems and sub-systems of the house on one side, and mobile applications (smartphones, tablets) and connected objects (cars, thermostats...) on the other side.

The technology we have developed offers to family a common space to share data of family members and family connected objects.

The security model lets you fine-tune rights and restrictions so that anybody can limit access to its data.

Kalima Family Link


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