Kalima Systems

"Kalima Systems primary objective is to become the leading provider of open source Enterprise Resource Planning. "

Project description

Kalima Systems provides high-quality technology at an affordable price with distributions based on iDempiere Open Source ERP. iDempiere is a derivative of Compiere Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relations Management (CRM) enterprise-level software package.
Kalima Systems provides support, training, consulting services and customization to its customers and partners worldwide.
Kalima Systems contributes to software developments iDempiere.
Our mission is to be a catalyst for user communities of partners and contributors.


André Charles Legendre, born November 4, 1953 in Le Mans, graduated from Telecom Bretagne.
Until 1983 he worked in the offshore oil exploration in Africa and the Middle East.
In 1983 he created the Hexale company which become a group of 12 IT services companies in West of France.
In 2000 he founded the company Absynt Technologies with focus on software and open source.
In 2010 he returned to France to work as a consultant for Orange, SFR and SNCF and together with Redhuan creates Kalima Systems.

Redhuan D. Oon,born October 16, 1961 in Singapore, is often known as 'red1' who helped brought forth the ADempiere community in 2006.
He has worked since 1981 in various disciplines including writing, coaching, business and software. He presently focus on the development the new iDempiere fork based on OSGi technology and traveled widely to evangelise among the community.
He is the author of the book Open Source ERP published by Pearson 2010 and his works are housed inProject Scope www.red1.org

Kalima Systems is an Open Source Initiative (OSI) software development project with principal focus to create and support world class quality open source distribution of ERP/CRM/SCMsoftware based on iDempiere/aDempiere
ADempiere is one of the world's leading Open Source ERP.
Beyond technical innovations iDempiere: an architecture based on OSGI, and Buckminster ZK6, the main innovation of this project is its business model based on the creation of a distribution "Kalima ERP" and the ecosystem created around its plugins.

Business model

Kalima Systems will have three sources of income :
Service users (training, certification, plugins marketplace)
The service partners (pre-sales support, technical support)
Service to large companies (quality assurance, customization)

Competition: OpenERP OpenBravo, Compiere, Sage, SAP, Oracle.

Project Road Map

ADempiere is a mature product already deployed at major customers worldwide.
Version 1.0 has been online on the 31/10/2012.
We begin the search for funding to the success of this project.

We sart development of a Manufacturing and Suply Chain plugins extension. First elements are published :

  1. JSPluginManager : javascript plugin for J2EE
  2. DbfPlugin : Eclipse plugin for persistence layer
  3. levelDbCache : Shared objects cache with client for C# and C++
  4. We are in development of Android client of levelDbCache
  5. General Objectives and Architecture documents are ready
  6. Alarm management is currently in progress.

To know more visit the Road Map page.